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How to remove Android messages and photos ?

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I have to delete text messages and photos from Android phone ,

Do you having trouble in Delete it manually?

Deleting Android messages manually ? i think this idea is bad ,In order to make sure your text messages deleted on Android, it is necessary for you to use Data Cleaner software, after all, the Data Cleaner software can delete or erase everything on Android phone ,besides delete all messages, there is another alternative way to destory the data on the phone. The principle is that first write a set of random digits to the phone, then factory reset. This data on the phone will be overwritten and it is more secure.

Can't you delete them from the phone directly? If you need to sell your phone or give it to others, and you want to delete the files from your phone, you can use a tool to delete them completely, with an eraser for android tool, you can wipe all personal data from it.

let you try android eraser tool,
it's easy and come with very simple interface


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