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New method of licensing for Smadav


Hi, i'm from Malaysia. I use Smadav and a paid customer. Love Smadav.
Of course I can speak Malay but not very familiar with Bahasa Indonesia, so I decided to post here.

So, I've been trying to contact Smadav Team about my ideas. But very hard to get replies. I understand they might be busy with a lot of emails everyday.

There are some keygens spreading on the internet, the Team already noticed right. The keygen work. Its hard for the team to control. I got a suggestion about the licensing mechanism but I think it should be discussed in private. Thats why i've been trying to reach you.  :-bd

Thank You. Please PM, i would like to share my idea and see Smadav grows !

Thank you for your idea and Participation, maybe one of Smadav Team here will send u PM Soon..  :-bd

taco boy:
Can you tell me what kind of licensing mechanism did you suggest? Perhaps I could help with reposting your idea in anther threat with Indonesian language. :-bd


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