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Welcome to Maximum Ragnarok Online!

-Free to play -100x/100x/25x -No donation -Lastest updates -3rd jobs -Vote for points -Automated Events -Active GM -No lag -Many more!


Basic Information

(Trans Third Job)

Max Base Level: 150

Max Job Level: 50

Max Stats: 120

Max Attack Speed: 194

(Third Job)

Max Base Level: 150

Max Job Level: 50

Max Stats: 120

Max Attack Speed: 194

(Baby Third Job)

Max Base Level: 150

Max Job Level: 50

Max Stats: 108

Maxt Attack Speed: 194

Unique Rates baselevel,joblevel : 100x |100x |25x

MVP & Common Equipment,healing items : 25x

Common Cards Drop : 10x

MVP & Miniboss Cards Drops : Disable in Maximum-RO

Custom Features

1) Renewal interface

2) Renewal Mechanic

3) Renewal Casting

3) Guild/Party/House Renting

4) PVP Ranking

Tourists Attraction

1) Mining

2) Juno Monster Museum

3) Hungel Bingo House

4) Monster Race

5) Diamond Gambling


1) Endless Tower Instance

2) Sealed Shrine Instance

3) Orc Memorial Dungeon Instance


1) Achievements System

2) Anti Cheat Protection

3) Custom Equipment System

4) Channel System (IRC In Game)

5) Overvend Protection

6) Graveyard System( When Mvp die you can see their grave yard knowing they are already killed)

7) Faction System

8 ) Official Mailing System

9) Official Adoption System

10) Official Hotkey Saving System

11) Official Socket Enchantment System

12) Official Armor Enchanting System

13) Official World Map System

14) Official Mercenary System

15) Official Battlegrounds System(soon)

16) Official Book Reading System

17) Official Quest Log System

18) Unique PvP Rankings


1) Maximum Girl( come in game to see what she can give you in her Service)

2) Card Remover

3) Equipment Dealer

4) Healer in all Towns

5) Mail Boxes in all Towns

6) Pet Shop

7) PVP Room Warper, Assistant and Manager

8 ) Rental Services

9) Skill Point Remover

10)Skill/Stats Reseter

11)Tool Dealer

12)Weapon Dealer(official)

Lot's of Custom Quest NPC's And many more! come in to find out more.

Available Commands

1) @commands( To show player their available commands in game)

2) @myinfo( to check how many cash points,vote points, kafra points,event points)

3) @security( Set your security password for your account more info ingame)

4) @pvpmode(Allow you to be in pvp mode and other user in pvpmode can come and fight you)

5) @whopk( Display people who are currently on @pkmode on your mini map "Find Them and PVP Them")

6) @achievements( Show you list of achievements that you can do)

7) @cashshop( let you vend item in cash so you can sell item and earn CashPoint to buy premium too!!!)

8 ) @mission( Display current hunting information. Maxi Quest)

9) @ddrop(Display messages when monsters drops items equal and bellow the given rate.)

10) @join( To join any channel like IRC)

11) @list( Show the active channel like IRC)

12) @exit( To Leave on current channel your in Like IRC)

13) @autoloot( To loot drops from monster)

14) @wherelevel( give you some help on where to level on your level)

15) @whosell( just input the name of the item or item id and will show who's selling the item you looking for)

16) @viewmobinfo (Player enters a mode where monster hp status is displayed on it's name.)

Join now and try it free! You won't regret it! :-bd