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Bocoran Windows 8 Leaked Version
« pada: April 18, 2011, 02:50:47 PM »


1. System Requirements

Masih hampir sama dengan windows 7

2. Download Windows 8 Leaked Version

Download :

Pass :


3. Activator
Step by Step Aktivasi Windows 8

Ambil  dari untuk di sini
dan UltraISO utk mengedit file ISO
1. Buka file dari Mediafire tadi
2. Ekstrak folder spp ke folder "terserah"
3. Buat folder baru dan sesuaikan namanya sampai terbuatlah struktur folder seperti


4. Buka UltraISO dan buka folder sources
5. Pindahin Folder $MS yang tadi dibuat ke dalam folder sources ISO
6. Save file ISO yg baru.
Install seperti biasa.

Set tanggal menjadi 29\9\10 (boleh sebelum/sesudah install)
Trus aktivasi pake WOAT-OEM-KMS-ACTIVATOR
Pada command prompt
Pilih "C. KMS activation"
Kemudian Pilih "Y. Process with activation"

Dan ane berhasil mengaktivasi windows 8

Atau pake Windows 8 aktivator v0.9

This tool will simply disable Windows 8's Timebomb and activate it. I know there are billions ways and tutorials to activate this stuff but this is the easiest way I think.

1. How does it work?
Simply. Timebomb is removed by replacing tokens and store folders by Windows 7 Enterprise's ones (build 7600). Activation is done by WZT's KMS Keygen which allows you to activate Windows (and Office) VL offline.

2. Instructions:

1. Boot in Safe Mode (hit F8 few times just after BIOS disappears).
2. Run this program and click Remove Timebomb.
3. After success, restart computer.
4. Run this program again and click Activate.
5. Restart again and voila!
6. Repeat activation every 180 days.

No ****ing watermark, timebomb, activation!

3. Additional info

If you have any problems, try running application and look into C:\Activator
folder. There are all the files Activator use. This folder will be moved and
hidden in further releases.

4. Known Issues

* You can overwrite backups by patched one so it will **** the recover.
* Activation status is not showing.
* No errors may show if they occur.
* No logging feature
* System version is not being checked (DO NOT RUN ON OTHER BUILDS!)

All of them will be fixed in further releases.
Download :

4. Screen Shots

UPDATE!!! Banyak yg bilang ini windows 7 enterprise, ini cuma branding doank. tapi isi perutnya berbeda
Kalo bicara gk ada bedanya silakan liat Pict dgn seksama, jgn cuma seklias
My desktop


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Cara menjadikan Windows 7 Bajakan menjadi Genuine


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b1UwtM  <a href="">evvjwngyygwp</a>, exllrlsodpqg, [link=]bubkwuvyoawa[/link],
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Re: Bocoran Windows 8 Leaked Version
« Jawab #2 pada: April 18, 2011, 04:50:42 PM »
kok beda ya sama yang ini ??

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Re: Bocoran Windows 8 Leaked Version
« Jawab #3 pada: April 23, 2011, 01:30:00 PM »
ini bukan dari situs resminya yaa ..
termasuk ilegal kan ?
apalagi ada aktivatornya, itu bukannya termasuk "crack" yaa ?

dijamin halal kok

sengaja "dilepas" ama mikocok buat testbug gratisan, etc
politik marketing...

ujung-ujungnya biar ntar kalo rilis resmi nggak mempan aktivatornya

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