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Antivirus Impor / Kaspersky
« pada: Juni 24, 2009, 10:41:01 PM »
Size: 103.9 MB
Release Date: 2nd July 2010
Language: English (US)
Platform: Windows XP, Vista & windows 7 ( this version is fully compatible with Windows 7 OS)

Home Page:
Kode: [Pilih]

Kode: [Pilih]

Kode: [Pilih]

Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 offers a number of new and improved features together with unique protection technologies to address the latest online threats, keep your PC or Netbook running smoothly and customize protection according to your activities:

  • Improved: Risk-based Application Control restricts programs’ rights to access potentially vulnerable system resources or share sensitive data on the Internet.
  • New: System Watcher - Heuristics-based analysis monitors, restricts and blocks suspicious program behavior. Cutting-edge System Watcher technology monitors and analyzes every system event to accurately detect any dangerous behavior. If a threat occurs, the user will be prompted to roll back any malicious program activity.
  • Improved: Safe Run mode launches questionable applications and websites without risk.
  • Improved: Rescue CD disinfects the system after malware attacks.
  • New: Safe Run for websites mode provides added security for online banking and other similar activities where a high risk of identity theft exists.
  • Improved: Advanced antimalware technologies even allows installation on infected PCs.
  • New: New System Watcher technology tracks, records and analyzes suspicious activity and lets you roll back any dangerous actions.
  • New: Safe Surf technology blocks malware and phishing websites for great online security.
  • New: Safe Surf feature for unparalleled online security. With Safe Surf you’ll never be exposed to harmful or offensive websites. Regular database updates from Kaspersky Lab means that Safe Surf will automatically block undesirable websites as they appear. Just switch it on.
  • New: Easy-Access Desktop gadget. Checking your PC’s protection status and quickly accessing your preferred security features and settings has never been easier!
  • Improved: Special tools to treat even the most complex infections. The installation CD can also be used as a bootable rescue disk to help you to restore your system should you ever need to. If you’ve downloaded your Kaspersky Lab product you can create your own Rescue CD using the program.

Silahkan Download:

Kaspersky PURE

Kaspersky Antivirus 2011

Kaspersky Internet Security 2011

Kode: (Kirim sampel virus ke lab kaspersky) [Pilih]
Kode: (Download Free Kaspersky Offline Virus Defination Updates) [Pilih]
Kode: (Download Mirror Free Kaspersky Offline Virus Defination Updates) [Pilih]
Kode: (Download Kaspersky Rescue Disk) [Pilih]
Kode: (Release Notes KIS 11.0 CF1) [Pilih]
By: MiloMen

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