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Judul: eSafe
Ditulis oleh: Virut pada Juli 14, 2009, 10:07:05 AM
Smadavers, Virut mau start tentang eSafe antivirus.


Real-time Intelligent Content Security Solutions

Protection and performance. No compromise.

We've all heard it: the Web threat landscape is changing. Today's cybercriminals are focused, well-funded and well-organized, and they're targeting the legitimate Web sites and the Web applications users need. And while the Web 2.0 world has ushered in new levels of productivity, it has created a whole new window for malware to enter. Unfortunately, traditional, defensive technologies like URL filtering or signature-based Antivirus are simply no match for today's adaptive threats, especially when over 75% of malware is found on legitimate Web sites.

So which Web sites do you trust?

And how can you protect your data and enforce your acceptable use policy while still keeping your employees productive? eSafe is the answer you're looking for.

eSafe provides real-time, intelligent inspection of all Web and mail traffic while offering the performance and scalability needed for your organization to stay flexible and productive.

eSafe deeply inspects all content, including: legitimate sites, encrypted traffic and Web-enabled applications – and does it with the wire-speed performance required for total transparency.

With eSafe defending your network, you'll get complete protection without compromise.


Proactive Malware Protection
Application filtering
URL filtering
Anti-virus (seharusnya, karena tidak ada di tulisannya, maka, saya tambahi sendiri)

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Lagi-lagi tolong artikan bahasa inggrisnya siapapun yang bahasa inggrisnya perfect saya beri hadiah ucapan thank you sebesar-besanya.

Judul: Re: eSafe
Ditulis oleh: kido pada Juli 14, 2009, 10:08:50 AM
Bro, tolong tulisannya jangan besar - besar, jadi kayak iklan kurang bagus..

eSafe antivirusnya buatan Aladin, untuk deteksi virus manca lumayan, kalo virus lokal kurang bagus
Judul: Re: eSafe
Ditulis oleh: Virut pada Juli 14, 2009, 10:12:54 AM
lhoh, memang dari memang tulisannya besar ya saya contoh besar.
Judul: Re: eSafe
Ditulis oleh: kido pada Juli 14, 2009, 10:13:59 AM
Diedit masss..
Stop OOT please back to topic