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Thanks for the quick response, also good to know that SMADAV has changed the licensing because with old licensing serials are available openly on the internet. I will surely use new SMADAV on my next project.

Thanks you

Thanks for wonderful USB anti virus I have been using since last 10 years. I have implemented SMADAV in one of my small corporate client. They are having roaming profiles so staff used to login diffrent computers.

But whenever a new user sings in started again poping up for registration or free use. This was happening since almost last year  this is annoying, so I have remove SMADAV from every computer.

Do you have any fix for it?


English Only / After Payment does not received Serial No.
« pada: Maret 11, 2017, 07:37:47 PM »

I had made payment $8 Smadav Pro Price: 3 Computer via PayPal on 10-Mar-2017. As per instructions after payment I sent email to Then I sent several emails on, emails with payment details. No one has ever replied.

Does receiving Serial Key takes that much time? What should I have to do? Shall I request return back payment claim from PayPal?


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