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SMADAV Hidden Show All Bug/Error.


Accidentally clicked on this option after doing a scan with this software while scrolling threw the huge list of folders that listed as hidden...

now every single file and folder on my computer is displayed / un-hidden on all of my HDDs

I don't understand why this would be a option in this software with out a undo button.

I tried to go in to Windows Explorer Folder options and re hide all system files and folders but it dont work anymore. after using SMADAV application...

Every single file and folder is now SHOWN and displayed as nothing is hidden anymore, and I have no idea how to put it back so my protected windows system files and folders are hidden like they should be by default.

I'm losing my mind here trying to fix this...

SmadAV detect hidden files / folders are caused by viruses, so SmadAV need to normalize again. If you do not want your data to be displayed, you can manually hide your data.


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